The Landscaper's
Buddy Reviews

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“The Landscaper’s Buddy has opened up opportunities which were not possible or cost-effective to attempt before owning one. Here is South Florida, many of our clients live in developments where we are unable to get machinery in the backyard without disassembling and existing fence. Now with The Buddy, we are able to move large trees, boulders, pavers, gravel, and stone in a much more effective manner. It is smartly built, very sturdy, and only needs one or two people to maneuver. It fits through almost all the gates we encounter. It gives us the advantages of heavy machinery at a fraction of the cost. It also rolls over turf and semi-rough terrain with little effort. We believe in this product 100%, so much so that we own two of them now.”

  • Jason Sloan, Sloan Lighting and Landscape

“We’ve moved some very large palms and cycads with The Buddy. Works great and it’s the perfect solution for getting to hard-to-reach areas.”

  • Larry Dietrich, Earthworks Landscape

“The Landscaper’s Buddy has become an integral part of our landscape installation operation. Now, there is much less stress on our employees. We have moved some very large trees to backyards where machines would have destroyed the existing landscape. Many times, the tree is loaded at the shop with a machine directly on The Landscaper’s Buddy and then taken to the job site for final movement. While the crews were skeptical at first, at what the boss bought them, it is the first piece of equipment they think of when they have to move a tree.”

  • Ken Gallt, Foliage Design Systems

“We have used all sorts of tree dollies and carts. The Landscaper’s Buddy is unbelievable! It is equivalent to having two additional men when moving large landscape and hardscape material! I am extremely impressed with the engineering and ease of movement that it provides! Along with that, the customer service I have received has been hands down one of a kind! Thank you for all your help!

  • Faulkner Bell, Bell Outdoor, LLC

“It works great! We bought it to move large B&B trees while never thinking we would also use it so much for sod and hardscapes. It’s a very versatile tool.”

  • Ron Solsbury, Downriver Lawn & Landscape

“The Buddy is a must-have for every landscape professional! It is my crew’s favorite new tool. From lifting larger trees, boulders, and pavers. It is a time saver on every job it’s on. We will be purchasing another one next spring.”

  • Justin Beall, Beall’s Nursery & Landscaping

“Our guys like The Buddy so much they take it before any of our tree ball carts. They kept pestering us to buy them another one, so we did!”

  • Scott Lindgren, Lindgren Landscape

“We have five two-wheeled carts and they never get used anymore. My guys won’t even take them to the job sites. It makes moving B&B trees a breeze. The guys love it.”

  • Lawrence Taylor, Discount Trees

“I thought it was a great idea when I first saw it and thought it could save our company money. We purchased our first one, and my guys in the field loved it. We’ve since found many other uses for The Buddy besides just trees. We are very hard on equipment and The Buddy has held up to our standards. This spring we purchased our second one. We love it.”

  • Kevin Birk, Todd’s Services

“We love both of our Landscaper’s Buddies! Our planting crews have abandoned their power wagons and use The Landscaper’s Buddy instead. It is easy to use, takes up very little space on the trailer, and requires no gas. One of our favorite features is that it does not leave tire skid marks on our customer’s driveways. We have enjoyed doing business with Joel Westrate and his staff!

  • Anna Stoderd, Chambersville Tree Farm

“We use The Buddy often instead of a front loader. It saves a lot of time and increases our efficiency.”

  • Brad Katzenberg, Foegley Landscaping