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Significantly reduces labor.

In most cases, the Buddy will allow most trees to be planted with one less worker. If it takes three men to plant one large B&B tree, The Buddy allows it to be safely one with only two…maybe even one. Also, no more extra labor is required to do yard repair.

Time savings.

Because you do not have to balance the load, and because The Buddy rolls so easily, installs go faster than with ball carts, The Buddy is a great alternative to taking the time to load a skid steer on a trailer with small jobs such as warranty replacements etc.

Fuel and maintenance savings.

Hauling The Buddy with trees instead of the heavy equipment will save you on gas to haul the trailer and on the diesel fuel required to run the equipment. No hydraulic fluid leaks, breakdowns, property damage that you have a potential for when utilizing a skid steer.

Customer satisfaction.

No more customer angst when they see their yard being ripped up or trenches created. Tell them that with the Buddy you’re not only saving their yard, but you’re keeping their costs down and saving the planet. It’s a green thing!