Terms & Conditions

Photo of the green Landscaper's Buddy on white background. Heavy duty hand truck, ball cart, utility cart for skilled trades

Do more with smart accessories

With our simple add-ons, The Buddy transforms from the world’s best tree mover into an unbeatable flat cart or bulk load mover.

The Palm Handle

The Landscaper’s Buddy, a heavy duty ball cart, hauls a single palm tree (over 1 ton) with just one person. Bulk load moverThe Landscaper's Buddy, heavy duty ball cart & hand truck, palm handle attachment provides easy hauling for top-heavy loads.

Perfect for moving top-heavy trees like palms and adds extra leverage for one or more users.

The Shelf

Man in hat, dark shirt/shorts + boots hauls over 20 bags of mulch in one trip with The Landscaper’s Buddy + shelf attachmentPhoto of the shelf attachment on white background - metal wire that lays flat over the utility cart making it easier to haul

Get the last flat cart you'll ever need with our sturdy shelf upgrade, and haul hardscape materials with ease.

The Tub

Person in protective hat, gloves & boots moving gravel from truck bed to The Landscaper’s Buddy with tub attachment. Black, heavy duty basin is an insert for The Landscaper’s Buddy, a heavy duty hand cart, making it easy to haul dirt more.

Ditch your wheelbarrow for good. Transform The Buddy into the ultimate bulk loader with our heavy-duty basin.