Different Ways to Use The Landscaper’s Buddy Shelf Add-On

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December 14, 2016

If you’re thinking about purchasing The Landscaper’s Buddy, you’re probably trying to think of different ways you can utilize all of its features. Here are a few of the most popular ways to use The Landscaper’s Buddy shelf add-on.

Move Hardscape Materials


The Buddy’s shelf feature makes it an ideal flat cart. Its ability to haul up to 2,000 pounds makes moving hardscape materials a breeze. Bricks, blocks, and pavers easily stack on The Shelf and go with you wherever you need.

Move Wood/Lumber


Ever had trouble moving split logs across tough terrain? You don’t have to take multiple trips moving all that wood if you have The Landscaper’s Buddy. You can move loads of split wood or multiple hundred pound logs at a time to get the job done quickly.

The Shelf is also great for moving lumber on practically any surface. The Landscaper’s Buddy is designed to fit in tight spaces. You can load it up and move your load of lumber through a standard 36-inch gate. Good luck getting a pickup truck in the same spot.

Move Bags

Trying to find the best way to move multiple bags of mulch, and, or concrete mix? If you’re looking to maximize time and efficiency on your jobs, The Landscaper’s Buddy shelf feature is the best way to do so. A truck might not be able to fit into hard to reach areas, and a wheelbarrow has weight limits and can be hard to control. As an alternative, The Shelf’s design allows you to stack multiple loads and move them wherever you go. It’s high strength design allows you to load it up with the heavier stuff like bags of concrete, bags of stone, and bags of sand.

Potted Plants


The Landscaper’s Buddy is the ideal tool for garden centers. The shelf feature allows you to load it with anything; even potted plants. The Buddy is designed to fit in tight spaces; it is less than 36 inches wide. Additionally, The Buddy can turn on a dime. This makes maneuvering in the aisles of plants easier than ever.


The Landscaper’s Buddy is the ultimate landscaping tool. With these different ways to use The Landscaper’s Buddy Shelf Add-On, no gardening or landscaping professional should be without this one-of-a-kind tool.

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The Landscaper’s Buddy is a revolutionary landscaping tool designed to make your life easier. Move trees, boulders, hardscapes, statuary, gravel, and more with just one cart. Contact us today to learn more about our cart and follow us on Facebook for more landscaping news and information.

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