Landscaping Tools for Getting Trees and Materials in Tight Spaces

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December 14, 2016

Can you remember the last time there was a big innovation in landscaping equipment? It seems like not much has happened since the invention of the shovel, but while there are new products that can make your job ten times more efficient, you might be asking yourself, “Why is it so hard to maneuver landscaping tools in tight spaces?” It seems no matter what product you use, there will always be a catch. Have you had problems with any of these tools?

Skid Steers


Skid steers are the ultimate power tool when it comes to landscaping, but they’re the last thing you think of when you have to maneuver landscaping tools in tight spaces. The problem is (other than the outrageous costs to operate) they aren’t exactly user friendly. If you’ve ever attempted to use a skid steer in a tight space, you know what we mean. Skid steers are okay if the area is flat and wide open. We all know, however, that usually isn’t the case. If the job involves moving on uneven terrain, then you can count the skid steer out. It can go straight up and straight down elevation without trouble, but moving on a slope laterally is out of the question. Skid steers are a risk for rollovers.



Whether you’re a big-time landscaping operation or a “mom and pop” yard service, chances are, you have a few wheelbarrows. The problem is, the design of the wheelbarrow hasn’t changed much in . . . well, ever. Wheelbarrows are just plain hard to use and can’t hold much weight without becoming impossible to maneuver.

Ball Carts

If you need to move landscaping tools in tight spaces, the last tool you want is a ball cart. The ball cart is perhaps the most back-breaking tool made for moving trees. If the terrain is uneven, bumpy, or hard to access, you might as well have your crew just carry the tree.


Sometimes, it may seem that that the industry just doesn’t make designs that allow you to move landscaping tools in tight spaces or on rough terrain. But, if you’re losing hope, don’t worry. As we said earlier, there are products that eliminate the problems mentioned above. You just need to know where to look.

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